attorney profile

Education & Achievements:
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1951
  • LL.B. Degree in 1953
  • Registered as an advocate of High Court of Sindh, Pakistan 1954
  • Registered as an advocate of Supreme Court of Pakistan 1964
  • Elected General secretary Karachi Bar Association 1964 - 1965
  • Elected Basic democrat in 1964
  • Elected Chairman of Union Committee Federal area, Karachi, Pakistan and member of KMC (Karachi Mega Corporation) in 1965
  • Nominated by the President of Pakistan as a member of the Majlis-E-Shoora (Parliament) in 1981 - 1986

Professional Experience:

  • Established professional office in 1954. Practiced law, civil, constitutional, labor, Muslim family laws, handled hundreds of cases, reported by law journals
  • As chairman of Union Committee during 1964 - 1971 decided many family law cases as Chairman Arbitration Council.
  • Appeared in hundreds of cases of family laws involving complicated questions, in superior courts and family courts
  • Appointed professor of Law in Sindh Government Law College 1970. Appointed Vice Principal in 1980 of the college and acted as principal. Retired in 1995.


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